Hoyt’s Garage Instrumentation

String Quartet: 6 tenors 2 Basses

Fool on the Hill: 6 Tenors 2 Basses

Mother Goose: High Key (recorded) 5 Tenors 2 Basses Lower Key 6 Tenors 3 Basses

The Fountainhead: 4 Tenors 1 Bass

Deux Portraits: 6 Tenors 3 Basses

Pete Kelly’s Blues: 6 Tenors 2 Basses

Brahms 2nd: 6 Tenors 2 Basses

Without Each Other: 5 Tenors 2 Basses

Faure Requiem: 6 Tenors 2 Basses

Don Juan: 5 Tenors 2 Basses

Tchaikovsky: 5 Tenors 2 Basses

Forever Amber: 5 Tenors 2 Basses

Vocalise: High Key (recorded) 5 tenors 2 Basses Lower Key 6 Tenors 2 Basses

A Touch of Drastic: 5 Tenors 2 Basses

Shenandoah: 5 Tenors 2 Basses


1 thought on “Hoyt’s Garage Instrumentation

  1. Alan, You probably don’t remember me. But we worked together several times back in the 1980s (myself on bass trombone, primarily with Bill Tole and Dick Cary, a few times at Hoyt’s garage). I can’t seem to find a price list for the arrangements. Perhaps it was on your website. Unfortunately, I had problems accessing info on that site.

    Can you provide ordering info?

    Rick Mason

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